Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Hero Always Wins - Robert Eaton

There’s plenty of talent out there in the indie writing community. For the proof look no further than Robert Eaton’s fantasy novel The Hero Always Wins. The book has a great cover image and from the very first page you can tell the story is really well written by an author with a firm handle on the fantasy genre. Another thing about Robert is he doesn’t look like a writer, he’s a rocker who pumps iron, and if you ask me that can only be a good thing! Anyway he’s a better writer than me, but here’s what other people are saying:

“The knight's oath is barely off Darcy's tongue, and already the world is collapsing around him. As the demon hordes of Angra-Jyn slaughter their way toward the city, betrayal amongst the knights' own ranks threatens to destroy them before they can even make their stand.
But the blood of a hero flows in Darcy's veins. He will not be discouraged by the war he is losing. He will not be dissuaded by the traitorous assassin who continues to strike in the night. He will not give up, even as friends start to doubt him and sanity begins to slip beyond his grasp. Why? Because victory is his destiny.
Because he is the hero, and the hero always wins.”

"A new take on high fantasy that will have you gasping with horror and surprise at every turn." - Wendy Callahan, Fantasy Author

"Eaton takes the reader on a wild ride...the combat scenes stood out in particular for me because they reminded me of R.A. Salvatore." - The Pocket Geek

"A must read for any Fantasy fan... I laughed out loud, and even read a few parts peering out from between my fingers." - Ender, Book Reviewer

Back to me again, The Hero Always Wins is DEFINITELY worth a look – you’ll find it on Amazon at $8.99 (paperback) and $1.38 (Kindle), (or that’s how the Kindle price comes up in the UK but it might be lower in the US), anyway here’s the link.

And here’s Robert’s site, complete with six-pack pic!


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