Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ebook Piracy Just Got a Whole Lot Worse

Hi, fans and sweeties, the reason I'm vexed today is I've just discovered that Mediaplaynow.com is a TOTAL SCAM, try the search box below, type anything in it such as your grandmother's name or even some random letters like fu2mpn, the search will come up as a downloadable file with hundreds of hits, all a trap to ensnare you into paying a fee and/or revealing your financial details. 


From Amazon: "Jade's heart-breaking diary of her fight against terminal cancer and her final precious months with her beloved family. In August 2007 Jade Goody received the shattering news that she had cervical cancer. She was only 27 years old. But with her usual strength of character, Jade was determined to beat the disease and carry on with life as normal with her two little boys Bobby and Freddy. A percentage of profits from the book will be donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care."
Not if those charmers at magic-downloads.net have anything to do with it - see link below. They appear to be offering free copies of "Forever in my Heart" - well not exactly free, you have to pay them $75 up front to join. Don't you just love these anti-capitalist heroes? Although $75 subscription sounds suspiciously capitalist to me. 


UPDATE: Magic-Downloads.net seems to have morphed into http://www.mediaplaynow.com
That's the bad news; the good news is that I've just reported mediaplaynow.com to Google Removals :) 


  1. People like this don't usually do well in the long run. A letter to the original authors or charity could help them stop it. I think at $75 they are not going to make a lot of money. Probably best not to give them a boost in traffic by publishing the link.

    Mark Chapman

    1. I know what you mean, Mark, Magic-Downloads might take the line that "there's no such thing as bad publicity." But here in the UK there's a big scandal going on at the moment involving journalists hacking the mobile phones of celebrities. For many years nothing was done, people saw it as par for the course, the price of fame etc. But then public opinion changed big style and now the papers are being held to account. Some people regard pirates as heroes who just make Simon Cowell slightly less rich etc, I want to make sure the public know everything that's going on.

  2. I'm wondering, are you sure the book is actually available there? I was curious, so I typed in the name of my book, and it popped up as well. But as I looked at the names of the types of downloads (for Forever in my Heart as well), I noticed that there are mpeg, mp4, "full HD", mp3, etc.

    So then I got even more curious and started typing in gibberish in the search engine on their site, and for whatever you type, no matter what, they provide links for downloads for the exact search term.

    I typed "asdaksd aksdjas kjksdjakd" and there were download links for it! :-P

    Either way (whether or not they are selling the book), this is despicable, and I wish these types of sites would disappear. But I just wanted to mention this, because it could be a good thing, if they don't actually have the book file for download.

    Let us know how this progresses.

    1. Anthony, you need to go back a stage to search site called torrentz.eu. Below is the link for Jade's book, you will see that it records 164 + 1160 + 435 downloads. All three links take you to magic-downloads.net. I phrased my post carefully - "appear to be offering". However I don't see why they would want to PRETEND to have facilitated all those downloads. I mean as a joke I could say that last night I nicked a load of lead off a church roof but why would I want to say that?


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