Saturday, 25 February 2012

Five Star Review by Jack Whitsel

The whimsical ways of magic propels young Sathra into twenty-first century. In the present she befriends young Niall - a twelve-year-old boy who helps rescue her from his family's well. The interaction between the teens is well written for the age category the story was designed for. Though it took me awhile to like Niall, his boyish ways slowly grew on me. I was immediately drawn to Sathra and enjoyed her attempts at adapting to her new environment. Friend or foe? Dryad or Banshee? We watch Sathra and Niall interact and wonder if Niall's endearing nature will be enough to derail Sathra's personal agenda. Banshee in the Well had a smooth flow with an enjoyable ending. I recommend reading this story to all the little ones in our lives.

Jack Whitsel Review

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