Monday, 20 February 2012

Tom D Harris Review

From the end of the gripping first chapter, to the sinister promises of the last page, this fantastic debut novel zips along like a speedboat. Written with care, pace and purpose, it drills a devilish sense of humour right through its core.

When twelve year old Niall rescues a strange girl from a well, little does he know that he has placed himself in great danger! For his new friend Sathra is not the harmless Dryad she appears to be but a Banshee intent on sacrificing him so she can get home. This kiss or kill relationship is what rips this story out of the crowd along with the distinctive voices of the two main characters.

As Sathra attempts to draw Niall towards the site of sacrifice, the real world gets thrown into the supernatural mix. Paintballing school friends, treasure hunter's, exploding speedboats and a rock group who's `5th Beatle' is trying to shoot his old band mates all cross over into this supernatural game of cat and mouse.

You won't need a Woodpecker Squealer to find this book, so what are you waiting for...please read it.

Odzookens, indeed!

A fantastic debut novel from Robin Lovejoy

Tom D Harris Review

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